Donations for Digital System

14 11 2011

The Cliff Cultural Community Center (CCCC)/Cliff Theater has been serving the Wray and surrounding communities since May 23, 1950. We have been a non-profit, 501-(c)(3) organization since August 31, 2007 and are under the operation of an all volunteer board of directors. CCCC is home for children’s dance lessons, church youth group, birthday parties and community meetings. We are very excited about starting a summer music concert series as well.

Currently, CCCC is only able to show movies in 35mm.  Occasionally these movies have included first run movies such as Cars 2 and Puss in Boots.  At times, we also offer double feature nights to include G and PG movies as the first showing and the second showing is geared toward an older audience. Unfortunately, the film industry is changing.Technology is heading toward digital projection and 35mm films will be very limited.It is anticipated that in 2013, 35mm films will no longer be produced. With CCCC only being able to show films in 35mm, new movies coming to Wray is in doubt as well as the future of the theater.

CCCC/Cliff Theater is asking for assistance from our Wray community and the surrounding areas.  Your support will go towards the modernization of adding a digital projection system and further needed general improvements. We welcome all donations, including matching donations. If you are interested in making a donation, or providing matching funds, please return the enclosed envelop with your donation or contact Crystal Schwartz at 970-332-3148 or Shannon Greek at 970-332-0969.

The Board of Directors, staff and volunteers wish to thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration of a donation that will keep on giving for generations to come.  Join us in meeting the needs of this great expense of modernizing the Cliff Cultural Community Center/ Cliff Theater.


Crystal Schwartz                                      Shannon Greek
Secretary, Fundraising Co-Chair                Fundraising Co-Chair




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